How to enable YouTube Shorts Monetization

If you want to know how to enable youtube shorts monetization, then in this Hindi post you are going to get all the information about youtube shorts videos that you are looking for.

What is YouTube Shorts Video?

Some time ago the Government of India had banned the Tik Tok app in India, there used to be shorts videos on this app i.e. videos ranging from 15 seconds to one minute.

After Tiktok was banned, YouTube thought why not make up for the lack of Tik Tok on the YouTube platform and then YouTube started the trend of Shorts Videos.

You can create a separate YouTube channel for YouTube Shorts Videos or you can upload the shots videos to your old channel.

How to enable YouTube Shorts Monetization

There are two ways to watch Shorts Videos on YouTube, first in the YouTube Shorts section, that is, when you open and browse your YouTube app, you get a line of shots in the middle and click on it and watch the video and then click on the top. Keep sliding and watching new videos.

Another way to watch Shorts Video is in the browse feature itself, when you open your YouTube app, you also see shots video in between like normal videos, apart from the suggested video or the video seen on searching. gets in the way

When you watch Shorts Video from the first route on YouTube, that is, go to the shot section and watch the video, then no ad is run on those videos, that is, the makers of the video are not able to earn through the ad.

But when the same video is seen in the browser feature, in the suggested video or in the video to be viewed by searching, then ad plays on it like other videos and then you earn through that shots video.

It is not that the video maker does not get any benefit by watching shorts videos in the shots section, they do not only earn from the ad, from other sources they can also earn from the videos watched in the short section.

To monetize shorts video through ad, your channel should be monetized before then when your shots video is seen in browse feature, in suggested video or in searched video then ad will run on it like other videos and Then you will earn from it just like other videos.

Apart from this, if your shots go viral in the video shot section, then YouTube will give you some money as a reward which it has separately funded for it.

You can create a separate channel for shots videos when your channel will complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers as per YouTube’s criteria then you will be able to enable youtube shorts monetization.

What is Youtube Shorts Size?

Youtube Shorts Video Size ranges from 15 seconds to 60 seconds i.e. up to a minute, as well as #shorts have to be written in the title and description while uploading the short video and do not record the video in landscape and record it in Portrait only then your video shot section looks in.

YouTube Shorts Not Showing

If you do not write shorts with a hashtag in the title and description of your Shorts Video, then your video will appear in the browse feature like a normal video, it does not go to the short section.

Along with this, you also have to pay attention to the size of your video, your Shorts Video should be only one minute in length and your video should be in vertical i.e. Portrait.

How To Enable Youtube Shorts

If you are thinking of uploading shots video on your youtube channel, then you do not need to enable any setting for this, just update your youtube app.

And then you can upload a vertical video for shorts video with less than one minute duration on your channel but don’t forget to write #shorts in title and description.

How to Upload Shorts Video?

The process of uploading Shorts Video is different from uploading a normal video, to upload a shot video, first you open your youtube App and then click on the plus of China in the middle area below. (see picture below)

creat a short
creat a short

On clicking on the plus sign, a menu will open from below, now click on the option of Create Short in this menu as shown by tick mark in the above picture.

By clicking on the button of Create Short, the camera of your phone will open in the vertical, if you want to record short video, then by clicking on the button of the camera below, you can start the camera and record the video.

And if you have already recorded and edited a Portrait video and kept it in your phone, then to upload it here, click on the gallery option in the bottom left corner and select the pre-preserved video.

After selecting the video, click on the checkmark in the bottom right side and now you can write text or add music to your video.

After entering the text and music, click on the next button in the top right side corner and then write the title and write #shorts in the last of the title and then click on the green button of Upload in the top right side corner and your video starts uploading Will go

When your video is uploaded, then you can enable Monetization of your Shorts Video by going to Settings, then whenever people see your video in browser feature, suggested video or search, then the ad will run on it and you will earn.

How to earn money from YouTube Shorts?

As we mentioned above, when your YouTube Shorts Video will run in the short section, then you will not be able to earn through adsense ad, but you can earn from this video in many other ways.

But if your same Shorts Video will be seen through YouTube’s browse feature, suggested video or search, then ads will also run on that video and you will also earn through Adsense.

Adsense ad does not run on Shorts Video running in the short section but you can earn from that video in many different ways like.

1. Sponsorship

You can promote a company’s product in your Shorts Video, in return you get a fixed amount from that company.

2. Promote another channel

You can promote any other channel in your Shorts Video, in return you can take money from them according to you.

3. Promote the product below your video

For example, if you are uploading shorts videos related to digital marketing on your channel, then you can generate a lot of income by promoting a blog or website.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you have joined Amazon Affiliate or Flipkart Affiliate Program, then you can create a Shorts Video review of any product from this platform and you can put the affiliate link of that product in the About section of your channel and sell the product with a good commission. can earn.

And finally

We will suggest that you make a new channel for Shorts Video because you do not put short videos on your old channel, it will make your channel khichdi.

The process of creating a channel on YouTube is the same whether you use that channel for common videos or for short videos.

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