Download 7 Best Money Making App

Download 7 Best Money Making App , if you are thinking of earning money by working in your spare time by downloading some apps in your mobile phone then read this post continue.

We would recommend you to download some of the best Best Money Making App and you can earn a lot of money by giving some of your time everyday through these apps.

Here you will be told some apps in which you will have to work only half or an hour a day and some apps will be such that you can work as much as you want.

What are money making apps?

Many big companies launch mobile apps to get their tasks done, we have to download those apps in our phones and complete the given tasks and then we get money in return.

Recently Google has launched two of its apps, to make its services better, these apps have some small tasks which we complete and in return Google gives us some money.

Apart from this, some companies have also launched their app to sell their products, all we have to do is download those apps and sell the products given there and in return we get commission.

Download 7 Best Money Making App

money earning app download
money earning app download

Although there are millions of money making apps in the market, but many times we fall in the trap of apps of companies and it happens that we complete the work but we get nothing in the name of money.

But we will tell you here only about those apps where you will work and you will get money because after doing a lot of research we have listed some trusted apps in which two apps are from Google itself.

1. Cashkaro Affiliate App

If you order online products from Amazon or Flipkart or Myntra, then now it is going to be even more exciting because now you will get cashback on every purchase.

All you have to do for this is to download the Cashkaro App in your mobile and complete the registration process in it.

Now if you want to order a product from Amazon, then open Cashkaro App and then you will find that Amazon logo will appear inside this app, you click on it and you will go to Amazon’s site.

Now whatever product you buy from Amazon’s site, the amount of cashback will be added to your Cashkaro wallet.

Now you must be thinking that if you bought the product from Amazon then how the cashback came in CashKaro wallet then it came because you went through CashKaro on Amazon.

Similarly, to buy a product from Myntra, AJIO or any other site, do not go directly to that site and reach through Cashkaro App, buy the product and then get cashback in Cashkaro wallet.

And if you want, you can go to any e-commerce site through Cashkaro App and share the link of any product from there to your friends and followers, the cashback of all those sales will be added to your Cashkaro wallet.

The best part is that you can directly transfer the cashback money accumulated in your Cashkaro wallet to your bank account.

Here is a guide to know the complete process from creating a new account in Cashkaro App to earning money from it. 

I think this method is the most superhit way to earn money sitting at home, apart from this we are suggesting you to download some more money earning app below.

2. Earnkaro Earning App

Earnkaro App From the name of this app, it seems that it is a money earning app and it is exactly like Cashkaro but this app has its own product as well.

To earn money from Earnkaro App, complete the registration process by downloading it in your mobile phone and then if you want, you can earn good commission by selling the product inside this app.

Or you can copy the link of any product from e-commerce site like Amazon or Flipkart and convert it as profit link in this app and then share it with your friends.

When a friend of yours buys that product through the link shared by you, the cashback will be added to your Earnkaro Wallet.

Earnkaro or Cashkaro works like an Affiliate Program in a way, sell more and more products and earn more and more money and then transfer it to your bank account.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards or Google Opinion Rewards app is an app that was developed by Google to further improve its services.

Some small surveys are given in the Google Opinion Rewards App, by completing which we get money in return.

To earn money from Google Opinion Rewards, first download it in your mobile, then after completing the registration work, do the first survey for free and then get money for completing the next survey.

Here is a guide to know the full process of downloading and registering the Google Opinion Rewards App. 

4. Google Task Mate Earnings App

Task Mate is also an earnings app made by Google itself. In this app also, some small tasks are given by Google, for completing which we get money.

To earn money from Google Task Mate App, first download it in your mobile phone and after signing in with your email, join the waitlist.

At present, you cannot run Google Task Mate directly, only join the waitlist, when your number comes, Google will allow you to run this app, at the moment it is not available for everyone.

Here’s a guide to download and register for Google Task Mate as well as know the process for joining the waitlist.

5. Spice Money

Through Spice Money, you can earn a lot of money by providing many types of services to people, such as withdrawing money from your customer’s bank account or changing PAN card or applying for a new PAN card etc.

You must have gone to the public service center and you must have seen that many types of services are provided there, you can earn money by giving all those services to the people through Spice Money.

Read this guide to know in detail about what is Spice Money, how to register in it and how to earn money. 

So far we have advised you to download the 5 Best Money Making App, now we are telling you some game apps in which you will be able to earn money by playing games.

6. Paytm Game App

Paytm Game is an app in which you can create team for IPL match when your team performs well then you win maximum money.

The biggest thing is that you do not need to play this game all day, when the IPL matches start in the evening, then a little before that you open Paytm Game and then make your team.

When the team created by you performs well in the IPL match, then your points will be high and then you will be able to win more and more money.

7. Dream11

You can also win money by creating teams for IPL matches through Dream11. If you want, you can make a team on both paytm game and dream11.

You will not find both these apps on the play store because Google considers this type of game as gambling and does not give place to such apps on the play store, so if you want to use these apps then you have to download their apk file. .

We found it very easy to work on dream11 and paytm game because here we only have to make a team once in the evening and then check between 10-11 pm whether you have won or not and many times we win too. take.


We play games for entertainment but if money is being spent in the game or money is being won then it is called gambling so Google removed Paytm game from play store so avoid playing such games.

The Supreme Court has refused to consider such games as gambling and the central government cannot ban such games, but the state governments have the right to ban money winning games as gambling, so many states The governments of the state have started the work of banning such games.

And finally

So we have suggested you to download 7 Best Money Making App. The initial one is two Affiliate App, if you work with a little attention in it, then after a few days you can earn a lot of Affiliate income.

Earning money by selling products is definitely a bit of hard work, but there is a lot of money in this field and for this we have to work hard for some time continuously.

We hope that all your questions have been answered by this post, if you still want to know or want to ask something, then definitely write in the comment below.