What is RozDhan App?

Friends, you are so connected to techactive.in and thank you very much for reading our post everyday. In view of this, this post of ours is only and only for you. Today I will tell you how to earn money online from RozDhan App where you can earn thousands everyday. Although there are many ways to earn money online on the internet, but I will tell you a very simple way by which you can easily earn money by using it.

The method told by me is so simple that you can use it on your mobile only. It is so much fun that you can earn a lot of money while having fun. To earn money you have to use an application in your android mobile. How to use it and how to earn money, we will tell it further, but before that let us know which application is this? Then let's know-

What is RozDhan App?

According to me, rozdhan is by far the best mobile application to earn money. You can read many types of funny news on this application. Not only this, you can also play games on it and you can also entertain yourself by watching videos. Whatever news or video you see on this application, you can also share it on social media, if you want, you can also give your feedback on each content.

This application has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded by more than 5,000,000 people till now (as of writing my post). You must have guessed from this that how popular mobile application is Roz Dhan.

Features of the application

  • Money can be earned by referring this application or sharing content.
  • Facility like news, games, personal loan etc.
  • Choose your language from which you can read the content in your language.
  • Receive money through Paytm.

How much can be earned?

There is no limit to earn on this application yet, if you want, you can earn unlimited on it. So far a record of earning 40 thousand rupees a day has been made on Roz Dhan . If your sharing and community is good then you can earn more than this. I think only any reader of techactive will break this record

How to connect and use?

Then without delay let us tell you step-by-step how to join this application and earn money –

Step #1 :

First of all you have to download Roz Dhan application from the link given below from your android mobile. Keep in mind that you have to download the app from this link.

Step #2 : 

After downloading and installing Roz Dhan application, open it in your mobile.

Step #3 :

First of all it will ask you about the language, you can choose your language, if you want, you can choose Hindi languge

Step #4 : 

After this this app will ask you for some permission which you will have to allow and give permission.

Step #5 : 

In the fifth step, it will ask you to log in, which one should you log in with your mobile number, Facebook or Google. If you want, you can login with mobile number. You will get Rs 25 as soon as you log in.

Step #6 :

Click on the “ Earn Money” option below, after the new page opens you will be asked to enter an invite code, as soon as you enter the code, you will get 25 more rupees. The code for you will be – 06EKHV

Step #7 : 

In this step you will know how to earn money, for this you have to click on the profile made on the right side of the application. You will see a page with an invite code as shown in the image above. You just have to use your same code for others. Remember, the more you share this, the more money you will earn.