What is FASTag?

It has been issued by the National Highway that from December 1, 2019, if any vehicle does not have FASTag , then it may have to pay double the toll at any toll point. Not only this, it is also mandatory to have fast tag on all vehicles. This rule has been implemented at toll plazas of National Highway and State Highway across the country. Today we will tell you what is FASTag through this article? How does it work? What can be the benefits of this? And how can it be recharged? We are going to provide you the information related to this. If you also want to know about fast tag, then you must read this article of ours till the end.

What is FASTag?

A fast tag is an electronic device. Its size is also slightly smaller than a credit card, it is installed on the front glass of the vehicle. A chip is installed inside this card, inside which all types of information related to your vehicle is stored. As soon as your vehicle passes through any toll plaza, in the same way, this card on your vehicle automatically pays the tax on the toll block as soon as it comes in contact with the FASTag.

This tag on your vehicle starts working as soon as it is linked to your prepaid account and activated. As soon as the amount of your fast type account is exhausted, you will have to recharge it again like mobile balance. The validity of this FASTag installed on your vehicle is up to 5 years and after the expiry of the validity, you have to get it re-installed on your vehicle.

How does FASTag work?

Fast tag the sticker is placed on the glass in front of your vehicle and radio Frikvensi Identification (RFID) within its sticker. As soon as your vehicle comes in the sight of the toll plaza sensor, with the help of this sticker on the front glass of your vehicle, it automatically completes the payment on your toll check. Not only this, the driver does not even need to stop at any toll plaza , which saves him a lot of time.

Where can one buy FASTag?

You can contact to buy FASTag in almost all types of toll plazas and few banks like:- SBI, HDFC and ICICI besides other banks. Apart from this, you can also buy it from Paytm, Amazon, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petrol Pump etc. There are also some banks that allow online applications for this. After checking all the formalities by all these banks, the account number of FASTag is distributed to its customers.

We have made a list of some banks. Through which you can easily call your bank and ask for its related information there very easily, which is as follows-
S. No.Issuing BankCustomer Care Helpline No
1.Axis Bank1800-419-8585
2.ICICI Bank1800-2100-104
3.IDFC Bank1800-266-9970
4.State Bank of India1800-11-0018
5.HDFC Bank1800-120-1243
6.Karur Vysya Bank1800-102-1916
7.EQUITAS Small Finance Bank1800-419-1996
8.PayTM Payments Bank Ltd1800-102-6480
9.Mahindra Bank Box1800-419-6606
10.Syndicate Bank1800-425-0585
11.Federal Bank1800-266-9520
12.South Indian Bank1800-425-1809
13.Punjab National Bank080-67295310
14.Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank1800-223-993
15.Saraswat Bank1800-266-9545
16.Fino Payments Bank1860-266-3466
17.City Union Bank1800-2587200
18.Bank of Baroda1800-1034568
19.IndusInd Bank1860-5005004
20.Yes Bank1800-1200
21.Union Bank1800-222244

Documents required to get it installed?

You will need the following documents to install FASTag on your vehicle-
  • Customer's vehicle registration certificate
  • Vehicle owner's passport size photograph
  • Vehicle owner's bank KYC paper
  • Domicile certificate of vehicle owner

How to buy Fastag from Paytm?

If you want to buy or register Fastag online, then you will get the easiest facility on Paytm App. On this you will have to upload your documents, after the document is verified by Paytm, your Fastag account will be confirmed.

After confirmation, Fastag will come to the address mentioned by you, which you can use in your car.

How to recharge fast tag?

The customer can easily recharge his FASTag account through Debit Card, Credit Card, RTGS and Net Banking as per his convenience . The customer can recharge his FASTag account with a minimum of ₹ 100 and a maximum of one lakh. If the customer wants to know which points of sale are present in his vicinity, then for that he will have to go to the official website of National Highway Authority of India and he will be able to check this information easily there.

Recharging it online on Paytm is as simple as you recharge any mobile. On this you can recharge by entering your Fastag ID. You can pay it with your Paytm wallet, BHIM UPI , Debit or Credit Card.

SMS facility will be available

Whenever a vehicle fitted with FASTag will pass through a toll stop and when the prescribed fee for that toll check is automatically paid through it, then the vehicle owner will get the information easily through SMS.

Benefits of installing fast tag

In order to get rid of the problem in view of the long lines of vehicles being kept at the toll plaza, the Ministry of Road and Transport has started a facility like FASTag at almost all the toll plazas of the country. Fast tags save a lot of time the vehicle driver installation and will also save the additional petrol and diesel.

Accident insurance up to ₹ 10000 will be done through FASTag

Some banks providing facility like FASTag also provide accident insurance up to ₹1,00000. The benefit of this insurance will be provided to the driver of the vehicle i.e., if the driver dies due to an accident, the benefit received by this insurance will be provided to him.