what is Digital India ?

Digital India is an excellent program run by the Government of India, whose aim is to give a digital form to an empowered society and knowledge economy. This means that by digitizing all the government departments running in India, big and small, its speed has to be further increased. Let us tell you that the Digital India program has been launched on July 1, 2015 in the presence of big personalities like Narendra Modi, Anil Ambani, Azim Premji, Cyrus Mistry. In which it has been resolved that by giving digital power through new ideas, India has to move forward.

Three Major Visions of Digital India

  • To make every citizen aware of the utility of Digital India.
  • Governance and providing services on demand of citizens.
  • Providing digital power to every citizen.

Major schemes run under Digital India-

For the development of India , some major schemes are being run under Digital India , in which every citizen will get many digital facilities. Here we are telling about the major schemes which are as follows-

broadband highway facility

Under this scheme, all the villages of India have to be connected to the internet . For which fiber optics cable is being laid. In this, the target has been set to provide broadband connectivity at the speed of 100 Mbps to each of the Gram Panchayats. This simply means that every citizen will be familiar with government facilities by having internet in every village. They will continue to get information like agriculture, trade, market price, government schemes. They will not need to come to the city for any paper work, their work will be done through internet only.

mobile connectivity

In urban areas, every citizen has the facility of mobile, but in most of the villages till now most of the citizens do not have the facility of mobile. India's goal is that every citizen should have a smartphone so that he can use internet facility and mobile banking.

Public Internet access program

Under this scheme, all government departments will be connected to the Internet so that its access to the public can be increased. This simply means that there will be no need to go to the government office again and again for any government work. Now every citizen can get any kind of government information from anywhere through internet. First of all, the post-office will be made in the form of a multi-service center , all types of information can be obtained from here.


Under this plan, there is a need to further improve the restructuring of the business process by information technology. That is to say, every kind of application like facility has to be done online. In this, all types of database information will be given electronic form. Information like Aadhaar facility, payment gateway, mobile, EDI will be integrated, which will facilitate any type of online application.


E-Kranti Yojana is one of the best scheme of Digital India. Many facilities have been listed in this, in which all schools and colleges will be given broadband connectivity , they will be given free Wi-Fi facility. All types of courses will be done online. These facilities have been named as e-education . Along with this , facility like online medical, online medicine supply, online information of patients will be available through e-healthcare facility. Along with this, citizens will get many facilities like mobile banking , e-court , e-police , cyber security , market price for farmers, loan, etc.

information to all

Under this scheme, the government will give all its information to every citizen through website and social media. Two-way communication facility will also be given to every citizen.

electronics manufacturing

Under the NET ZERO Imports target, all types of electronics equipment will be manufactured in the country itself. In which more focus will be given on devices like mobile, set top box, VSAT, fab-less design, customer and medical electronics, smart energy meter, micro ATM, smart card.

IT for Jobs

Villagers will be given training according to the working of the companies by linking them with the skill development programme. Which will help a lot in employment. In this, information will be given about the business related to IT. Every village and small towns will be connected to it.

Early Harvest Program

Under this , the government has made some rules to take forward the Digital India program, which will be implemented in the whole country. First of all, IT platform will be created for information. Biometrics attendance facility will be implemented in all departments. All universities will have Wi-Fi facility. Official email facility will be provided. Public Wi-Fi hotspot facility will be provided. A team will be formed by the Meteorological Department to warn of disaster from mobile. An e-book of books will be made for all the students. A portal will be made for the lost and found children, so that if any child is lost, it will be helpful for him to reach his home.