online registration process covied-19 vaccine

The second wave of corona virus in India has put people in panic, in almost all the countries the second wave is very dangerous as compared to the first wave. In such a situation, when people become careless, the conditions become more favorable for the virus.

Everyone is in panic due to this corona epidemic, everyone is issuing various measures to avoid it like yoga, use of hot water, use of vitamin C capsules, other immune boosting medicines and taking food.
In such a situation, the best way to avoid the corona epidemic is considered to be vaccination i.e. Kovid-19 vaccination, which is also being used rapidly in many countries of the world. Now in such a situation it is also important to know about the vaccine, how effective it is and its registration process i.e. what is the process of getting this vaccine.

Let us know, these vaccines stimulate the body's 'immune system' to recognize the danger virus and make antibodies in the body against them, which help our body a lot in fighting the external attack.

Side effects (fever, body ache, headache or tiredness) of this vaccine have been reported in very few people. The good thing is that soon after applying the vaccine, you develop immunity to fight against that disease. "This vaccine is much better than all other medicines" because the drugs cure the disease, but the vaccine works to fight this disease, it is not for any common person but by the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). have to say.

As you all know that all the people who are above 18 years of age have started the registration of vaccine from April 28 at 4 pm, to get the vaccine through online CoWin portal , registering on site. So that you will be able to get yourself and your family vaccinated.

Who should not get the vaccine?

Doctors say that such patients who are corona infected and are undergoing treatment, then they should get the vaccine after about 1 month after recovery and those who have any disease and are undergoing treatment, then those people should also get it done after a few weeks when they feel completely healthy. body then.

The vaccine is not very effective for those whose immune system is weak, so people with weak immune system should eat healthy and do whatever they can to strengthen the immune system and also take precautions.

What documents will you need?

Carry Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Pension Card or Voter ID Card or any other photo ID card mentioned.

Kovid-19 vaccine registration can be done in many ways - By visiting this site, UMANG or Arogya Setu App app, it is better that you do it from Cowin's website itself.

Procedure to register Covid-19 Vaccine –

  1. First of all click on this government site .
  2. Click on the REGISTER / SIGN IN button on the top right hand corner and register your mobile number.
  3. Enter OTP from your mobile number and click on “Verify” button.
  4. You will be directed to the registration for vaccination page. On this page there will be an option to choose a photo ID proof. As soon as you choose your ID, you will be asked for the number of that ID, fill it.
  5. Now you will be asked something about you like enter your name, gender, year of birth etc and proceed.
  6. Get registered by clicking on the button given “Register”.
  7. After the registration is complete, the details filled by you will be displayed.
  8. Then click on the 'Schedule Appointment' button. Now go to the Search By District tab and select your state and city and click on the search button.
  9. Now you will see all the hinge centers in your city, according to your age and vaccine, book the way and the center at which the hinges are available.
  10. After getting booked, take your appointment letter and go to the center and get the hinges installed. Keep in mind that you must take the details or ID you have given for booking and keep your registered mobile along with you will be asked for OTP at the center.

You can also do vaccine registration from Arogya Setu App, for that –

  1. Install this app then click on CoWin tab which will appear on home screen.
  2. Click on the “Vacancy Registration” tab and register by entering your contact number.
  3. Fix your appointment now. The whole process is exactly the same as mentioned above.

Keep in mind that on the day of appointment, the appointment slip and photo ID will have to be carried to the center with the details filled by you. Note that 4 people can be registered with one mobile number and each person will have to carry their photo ID.

Before getting the vaccine, keep the following things in mind –

Due to the rising Covid-19 in India, the government had to increase the pace of vaccination due to which there is a large crowd of people at the vaccine center and (India has a target to vaccinate about 12 crore people by July) so that people can get the vaccine. There is a fear of corona infection, so all of you have to pay attention to some things, keep the following things in mind before applying the vaccine 
  1. Wear both mask and gloves – It is obvious that the vaccine center will be crowded, so it is very important to take precautions. Wear a good quality mask or wear a double mask as well as wear gloves because most of the work is done by hand and the hand also goes to the mouth and nose and documents will also have to be transacted at the center.
  2. Leave the house after eating something – before going to the vaccine center, go out after eating something and abstain from eating or drinking anything at the center.
  3. Use sanitizer – Wear gloves by sanitizing hands and sanitize the toh and gloves as well.
  4. Do not touch the mask at all – If the mask is to be worn to avoid the virus, then these viruses can stick on the mask, so do not touch the mask at all and go home and wash both the mask and the gloves.

Some things to keep in mind after getting the vaccine –

After getting the vaccine, do not take the corona virus lightly and take precautions – wear a mask, keep distance and do not go out unnecessarily. Apart from this, pay special attention to the following things –
  1. Take care of your health, stay in touch with the doctor.
  2. Do not work out because there is a slight pain after getting the vaccine which may increase.
  3. If you are addicted to cigarettes or alcohol, then keep a distance from all these after getting the vaccine.