How to earn money fromTelegram ?

Hello friends, you are very welcome to this blog, what is telegram to you today? And how to earn money from Telegram App ? Will learn about it. People mostly use WhatsApp for online messaging, but apart from WhatsApp, there are many such online messaging platforms from which you can send messages to anyone online anywhere.

Telegram can be a means of earning money with a messaging application through which you can chat with anyone online and Telegram has many features like WhatsApp, you can also do digital marketing, Telegram does not have any limit like WhatsApp. And it has a simple user interface, anyone can use it easily.

Telegram is not a simple messaging app, but you can also earn money sitting at home from Telegram, it is an online way to earn money, which if you also want to earn some money from Telegram, then you will understand this post completely and you too start earning money. Will give

What is Telegram? 

Telegram is a social networking or online messaging app, it was launched on 14 August 2013 by Nikolai Durav and Pavel Durav . The main function of Telegram was that like other messenger apps, Telegram users could message each other. But a lot of facilities have come in Telegram, now you have got many features like Telegram channel, group, etc.

Telegram is a cloud based messaging platform, you can use this application on Android Phone, iOS, Windows, Operating System. It works similar to WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger, but whatever data it has, it is stored on Telegram's servers, not on your device.

How to create Telegram channel?

Friends, in order to earn money from Telegram, you must have a channel on Telegram. To create a channel, first you have to download the Telegram App from the Play Store, after that you have to create your account, after that you will have some option in the side bar of Telegram. You will get the option of New Channel in the same, by clicking on it, you will create a new channel, it is very easy to create a channel, after that you will have to increase the subscribers in your channel. You can also do that by inviting your Telegram friends .

How to earn money from Telegram?

How To Earn Money From Telegram? Let us now know in what ways money can be earned from this application-
  1. Affiliate Marketing- What is Affiliate Marketing as much as e-commerce or product selling website like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, you can earn commission by creating your affiliate account on it and sharing the link of the product. This can be the best way to earn money from Telegram. In this, if someone buys any product from your link, then you get some percent commission.
  2. Earning Apps- Many new apps keep coming in the earning apps market, which give some money on sharing. In such a situation, if you have good Subscriber on your channel, then you can earn a lot of money from Telegram. You can make money by sharing just one referral link.
  3. Paid Promotion- People charge up to lakhs of rupees for doing paid promotion, which if you have more subscribers on your Telegram channel, then they take money from them to promote one product and you have to tell your subscriber in details about that product. Yes, you get this money immediately. This can also be a very good way for you to earn money from Telegram.
  4. Link Shortner Websites- You can earn good money through link shortener website like suppose you want to give your Telegram Channel Movies Link, in this you can link to some websites like,, which is a movie link from the website. Converting When a user clicks on that link, first of all he will go to this website where there will be many ads, after some time he will go to the main website again, then you get good money for that.
  5. Telegram Channel Selling- Telegram Channel Selling In this, if you have many Telegram channels, then through that you can make new channels and grow them and sell them for a lot of money.
  6. PPD Network- Its full form is Pay Per Download Network, which if you upload any of these files like Image, Videos, Software, to PPD site and you give a link to it in your Telegram channel, after that your files will be downloaded. If you use it, you get money for it.


But friends, to earn money from telegram, you must have good subscribers on a telegram channel, only then you can earn money from telegram, telegram channel has to grow and you have to give some time on telegram only then you can earn good money.