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What is PHP Language?

What is PHP and how to learn complete information ?

In today's article, we are going to talk about what is PHP and how to learn PHP. Nowadays in this technology and online market, you must have been thinking that how these websites are made. You must also be thinking that you should also have a website. In today's time, thousands of websites are being created every day.

People make use of the website to increase their business or to earn a lot of income from their personal blogs or websites. There is also so much income in this that you would never have thought of even in a dream. But do you know how difficult it is to create a website and how it is made.

You must have seen that there are some websites like popular sites Facebook.com, Flipkart, Instagram, and Amazon.in the programming language is used to create all these. Which is also called Web Based Programming Language.

By the way, there are many languages ​​from which websites are made. One of them is language, PHP from which a site like Facebook has been created. So let's know the inside of these websites and Web Based Programming Language PHP, what is PHP.

What is PHP ?

PHP Full name of PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor K It is the only Open Source Scripting language in the world. You can also call it Scripting language. It is used in website design.
It is a SERVER scripting programming language. Because this language is executed in the server. In this also code like c, c ++, and java is written. The code or program is executed inside the computer. Let's talk about PHP language is used to make it a website. That's why it is also called web-based programming language.

You can use this language for free. This is a very powerful language to run the blogging platform. Like you must have heard the name of WordPress which has been designed from this language itself. Most of the world's big websites are operated from word press platforms.

What is the meaning of PHP and where is it used ?

You must have come to know how powerful it is because the world's most highly open website has been designed in this language itself. Whose name you are well aware of is “ FACEBOOK.COM ”. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting programming language .

It is also an open-source General Purpose Programming Language. This language is used for web development. PHP is used by embedding with HTML, due to which some new features can also be added to it.

The specialty of this language is that it is used to design "Dynamic websites". When a user sends a request to a PHP web page from his browser, in which this code resides. This PHP code is processed inside the PHP module installed on the web server. PHP pre-processor generates HTML output. Which you see in your web browser.

About this, let us now know how many types of web pages are there and on which page PHP work. You must have seen it in the article above to read some technical words, let us understand those words a little, which will make it easier for you to understand.

Programming Language

Programming language is also a language like we and you talk. But the language that the computer understands or can speak, the language through which you can communicate with the computer is the same computer programming language.

These programming languages ​​are used to create the software or websites inside the computer. BASIC, C, C ++, java, COBOL, FORTRAN, PHP, HTML are one programming language. Programs are written in these languages ​​only.

General Purpose Programming Language

From the perspective of computer software, General Purpose Programming Language is used to create different types of software. Different domains require different languages.

Here the domain means if you want to make calculator software for a computer then you will use java or c++ but if you want to make a website then you will use PHP or HTML language there. That is why these languages ​​are called Domain Specific Languages.

Scripting Language

This is also a category of programming languages. Like some languages ​​are compiled first, only then do they run. But you can run this scripting language without even compiling it. The script consists of programs or many instructions which are executed in any web browser or web server. PHP, Perl, and Python are all one scripting language.

Static Web Page

By its name, you must have understood that this is such a page where all the pages are fixed. Which no normal user can change. These static web pages are the same for every new and old user. The ones you can't change. Whenever you open a website, you must have seen its content never changes. Those pages look the same for everyone. But there are some sites like Facebook.com whose page content keeps on changing all the time and there are different web pages for different users.

Here are some examples of some static web pages. EX- about us page and Contact page whose content never changes. Hopefully, now you will have become easier to understand the static page. Now you know dynamic webpages, and along with this, you will understand PHP very well.

Dynamic Web Page

If you have understood the static web page, then you will understand it very easily. Because the dynamic web page content is always changing. Here every user means the page that will be open for you will be something else for me. Like when I log in to FB, my page will be very different from your FB page.

Dynamic means variable or changeable, which keeps changing the page frequently. Similarly, take another example, the pages of shopping sites also keep changing for every user. Because you must be doing some search but I can open the page to do some more page shopping. Both of these are very good examples of a dynamic webpage. Do you want to make your website the design of your choice, then you have to teach PHP, let's talk about it now.

How and where to learn PHP

Everyone, teenager, student, and businessman, wants to make his own website. But due to the lack of knowledge of that fellow, he is not able to learn. Well, there will be a lot of web developers available in the Internet, but for this, they will take some money from you, that too at least from 30000 to 200000. If you want to design a website for others and for yourself. If you want to make a website for others and want to make some income, then it will be better for you to learn php. Now let's talk about how much study is enough to learn this language.

To learn Minimum Qualification Web Designing

Well, it is very easy to learn it. But if your question is that for this you have to learn something in advance, then the answer is almost no. All you have to do is follow the PHP DOCUMENTATION https://secure.php.net/docs.php properly. If you want to learn well then you should have light knowledge of HTML, javascript, MY SQL, and CSS.
Now I want to share some PHP learning websites with you. From where you learn php very easily.
  • http://www.hackingwithphp.com/
  • http://www.tizag.com/phpT/
  • http://www.tutorialspoint.com/php/
  • https://devzone.zend.com/6/php-101-php-for-the-absolute-beginner/
  • http://stoneriverelearning.com/courses.
Now you should also know about its history.

History of PHP Language ?

PHP is a WEB-BASED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE that was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. He initially wrote a program called Common Gateway Interface (CGI). C Programming was used to write this. Through this program, he made his personal home page. Due to their special interest, he used his database to create web pages. Then the name of this language became the reason, that name was PERSONAL HomePage / Form Interpreter or PHP / IF also started being spoken.

This language was used to design the dynamic webpage. After this, to make this language better. A tool was developed which was named Home page tool 1.0. By 2013, many new features were added to it. PHP HTML embedded was created and this PHP gradually started being used in making the world's biggest website. This was a short history of PHP.

Features of PHP language

Although there are many features but we will talk about some. Through this PHP, you can also create, open, read and write a file in a systematic way. Through PHP, we can handle the forms that we fill online, such as extracting data from a file, saving data inside a file, and sending data to someone by email. Modify, delete, and edit whatever elements are in the database through PHP.
You can restrict some pages through this language.

My final opinion on this article

It is my opinion that if you want to make your website and become a web developer. So you had to know what is PHP and it was important to know how to learn PHP. If you give full time to learn PHP, then you can easily learn it within 30 to 45 days. If you are a student and want to make a career in Web Designing later, then this article was for you.

Hope you have liked this article, how did you like it, you must tell by commenting below. If you want to ask any questions now, then definitely write in the comment box below. And if you want to give any suggestions, then definitely give them so that we can do something new for you.