What is End To End Encryption ?

Hello friends, you must have seen End to End Encryption written at some point or the other, then you must have asked the question that what is End to End Encryption and how it works, so today we will know about it in detail, so please be on this article. stay

End To End Encryption is designed to keep the user's data secure and you get this facility in some secure applications like Whatsapp, Zoom and many more apps, so let us now know in detail that end to end What is end encryption

What is End To End Encryption ?

End to End Encryption is a process in which you send any message to anyone, whether it is video, or audio or text, it goes in the form of a code that can be read only by the person to whom you have sent that message. Other than that, no one can read this message.

First of all, the feature of End to End Encryption was in the app made by Signal Protocol in 2013, in which you used to get the feature of Video Calling, Voice Calling and Messaging and then many companies started using it.

If you do not know, then I will tell you that whatever you use WhatsApp now and you send any SMS from it, if you want the company of WhatsApp itself or the government of our country, then they too cannot read this SMS.

The SMS sent through End To End Encryption cannot be cracked by cybercriminals or even any big hacker and that is why there is a mess of government with many companies, so now let's know that end to end encryption How does it work?

How does End To End Encryption work ?

So now you have learned about End to End Encryption, so now I will tell you how it works?

End to End Encryption works in such a way that if you send SMS to someone through any app that provides end to end encryption feature, what it does is generates two keys.
  1. Public Key
  2. Private Key

The job of Public Key is that any SMS you send, it encrypts that SMS from your mobile and converts it into a form of code, after that that code will go to the server of your application, after that the code to whom you have sent the SMS. Will pass and SMS Receiver has Private Key, through which he decrypts the code and makes real SMS, in the same way Video Call and Voice Call work, still you have not understood anything, then I understand by giving an example below.


Let's take an example that you are A and you send a message to B, then your sent message is a photo or a text, it will become a code and B will have that code converted so that the message you have sent will become.

And a code will be generated for each subsequent message and only the message that you sent can convert this code, if anyone else tries to hack it, then only he will see that code and will not be able to see the message.

Advantages of End To End Encryption

  • It keeps your data 100% secure through Data Encryption.
  • No hacker can hack the SMS sent through this.
  • If you have to send information related to the bank to someone, then End to End Encryption is very secure for that.
  • If you make a video call or voice call with someone, then end to end encryption is very secure for that.

Disadvantages of End To End Encryption

  • Many people take advantage of this factor and do many illegal things.
  • Most of the fraud people use End To End Encryption like WhatsApp, which no one knows to catch.
  • In apps with end to end encryption, you do not get online backup, yet in this type of apps keep backup of SMS and files in your mobile every day or every week, apart from that you do not get any backup online.

Where is End To End Encryption used?

Most of the end-to-end encryption is used online, you have to talk with someone or send some private data or you want that both my video call or voice call should be 100% secure, where pay-end-to-end encryption is used.

If you want to know which apps have the option of End to End Encryption, then I will tell you the names of all those apps below.

End To End Encryption Apps

All the apps given below are very secure and in all you get the option of end to end encryption.
  1. WhatsApp
  2. Zoom
  3. Viber
  4. LINE
  5. Telegram
  6. Signal – Private Messenger
  7. Dust
  8. Threema
  9. Wickr – Secure Messenger
  10. Cyphr
  11. Pryvate Now

I have mentioned the names of some apps, apart from this, in many apps, you get the option of end-to-end encryption.

So friends, now you must have got to know what is End To End Encryption and how it works, if you have any question related to this article, then you can ask in the comment below and if you liked this article then please read this article. Share this with your friends.