ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

As you all know that ICICI Bank is the largest private sector bank in India. The bank has provided many beneficial facilities to its customers.

Apart from account holders, all these benefits can also be availed by other people. And credit card is one such product for which anyone can apply.

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

Friends, although there are many cards available for first time card applicants, but ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card can be very beneficial.

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card The best one from my best credit cards list is a zero annual fee credit card.

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card is an entry level card. Platinum Chip is a multipurpose credit card with Visa payment gateway.

The card can help you earn 2 PAYBACK points for every 100/- transaction.

Recently ICICI Bank has removed the Platinum Chip Card annual fee and it is Life Time Free if you apply ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card Online.

Features & Benefits Of Credit Card

Features of ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card:

If you are looking for your first ever and multipurpose credit card then ICICI Platinum Chip is best for you.

Because along with being free for life, this card also provides you with all the features and benefits.

Along with EMI, the card also gives you the benefits of saving on petrol, up to 15% savings in hotels or restaurants, 48 ​​days interest free time, payback points etc.
To apply for this card, your monthly income should be at least 20000 rupees.

And if you have a salary or savings account with the bank, then you can also apply for a salary of more than 15 thousand.

Why Platinum Chip Card?

Why should you apply for ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card?

ICICI Platinum Chip is the best start if you are looking to get your first credit card. With zero annual fee, the card is offering some unique benefits for first time users.

ICICI Platinum is a chip-enabled and verified card with essential security features.

A good card for beginners and those seeking a zero-annual fee card. ICICI Bank has marked some basic eligibility criteria for Platinum Chip Card.

If you are fulfilling these requirements then you can apply for ICICI Platinum Chip and your card will be more likely to be approved.

Age: Your age should be minimum 23 years and not more than 58 years.

age: (Required Income For Card )

  • For Salaried: Your monthly net salary should be 20K (NTH).
  • For Self Employed: Your last ITR income should be minimum 3.60 lakhs.
  • CIBIL: You must have an existing credit card or loan history (minimum 180 days old). If not, you can also apply.
  • Profession: You should do work related to professional or self-employed.
  • Residence: You must be a permanent resident of India.

To apply the card, you must have the following documents: (Required Documents For Apply ICICI Bank Credit Card)

1- Photo
2-Pan Card
3-Salary Slip
4-Salary Bank Account Statement
5-Present Residence Address Proof
and if you own If you do any business then you must have Income Tax Certificate.

Friends, although the annual charge or fee of this card is Rs 199/- but if you apply online then you will not have to pay any fee.

Card online link to apply: here Application |

In my personal view, ICICI platinum chip credit card is the best option for beginners and you can get it free of cost if you apply platinum online.
The card also gives you a pre-paid facility, which helps you manage your card and keep it safe for your next use.