Credit Card Bill Payment

If you have also forgotten to pay your credit card bill (missed credit card payment), then you must know what can be the harm of it. Will the bank downgrade your credit score or block your credit card ?

Friends, we have to face many problems due to incomplete information. Here we are going to discuss about the problems that you will have to face if you miss your credit card payments. (problems if you missed credit card bill payment)

What if the bill is not paid (what if missed credit card payment!)

Friends, if you are using credit card then you will definitely get your credit card bill along with bill date information.

And even if you have used the card for the first time then you do not have to worry.

Today we will give you complete information about this subject that if you have forgotten to pay the card bill, then what action will the bank take?

If this is the first time that you have not been able to pay the card bill on time, then this is your chance.

The bank will not damage your credit score or block your credit card outright.

Friends, if you have missed your card bill for the first time, then the bank will charge you some extra fee as a penalty.

This means that you have to pay some additional amount as late fee and additional ROI along with your monthly bill.

grace period and due date

Often some extra time is given after the bill is applied in the card, which we call grace period, it varies from bank to bank which can be 15 to 25 days.

If you are not able to make the payment till the last day of this grace period (which is your due date) then the bank takes late payment along with the bill from you here.

Often the late payment (penalty) may vary depending on the amount of your bill.

If you have a large amount in your final bill, this penalty may be higher as per your current expenses.

It can range from 500 to 5000, as well as you have to pay monthly interest on your bill, it may differ according to the country and bank.

In India, this ROI is around 3.40% per month. For this reason, if we do not pay money on time, our bill increases like Sursa's face.

What will the bank do ( bank action if missed payment)

If you are making regular late payments on your card and if it continues for 3 to 4 months then the bank will track your credit report / bill transactions or it will reduce your credit score . can affect.

If you have not paid your card payment for 2-3 months, the bank will block your credit card. Also, the amount of your bill will increase significantly due to the constant penalty and interest.

How To Save Your Credit Score?

In such a situation, if you are unable to pay your credit card bill, then the best way to save your credit is to convert this amount into easy installments.

If you are not able to pay that huge amount, then the best way is to pay the minimum payment (5% of the total bill).

Or you can convert the balance amount into EMI. Here you have to pay only additional interest along with a small processing fee.

With the minimum payment, you will not pay a late payment penalty, you will not have to pay a late payment penalty for paying the minimum amount and your credit card will remain in operation.

So that you can use again when needed. Nor will there be any harm to your credit score.

Friends, if you have missed your credit card payment for the first time, then quickly pay that amount to the bank. So it will not affect your credit score and the card will not get blocked.

Additional Tips: (tips for credit card bill payment)

If your bank account and credit card belong to the same bank, then you can use the bank's auto debit facility.

With this, the bank will take the payment of money from your bank account on time. But while using this service, make sure to manage the money in your account as per the requirement.

If your savings account and credit card are from different banks, then pay the money 2 to 3 days before the due time.

Sometimes it may take 2 days for the bank to update the payment of your credit card bill.

In case of payment of minimum amount, pay the bill well in advance.