What is a Network Interface Card?

Hello and welcome to TechWhom. Today we will share information about NICs known as Network Interface Card. In the computer and science world, most people know NIC. Network Interface Card. Computers have a very important part, so I'll share this article.

What is a Network Interface Card?

A network card, called as NIC, is a "hardware" device that is installed on your computer, without which your computer cannot connect to the network. This network card is built into the computer board that allows your computer to recognize and connect to your network.
Internet-based cards are known by various names, such as interface players, LAN adapters, and network adapters. This allows your computer to connect wirelessly to wireless communications. This device allows the computer to communicate locally over the LAN and over long distances via the Internet Protocol. A web card consists of two parts, called the body layer and the data layer, which provide the necessary physical equipment and data transfer loops. In the original NIC model, it was connected via USB or a computer, but modern computers have their NIC chip built-in.

Types of Network Interface Card (NIC)

Internal Network Card

The internal network card is a "hardware" component that has a dedicated slot on the motherboard. This card works only when connected to a network cable and provides a network. These networks provide access to your computer when connected to the network. There are two types of INC that connect industries.

External Network Card

The external network card is used when the internal network card is not installed on the computer motherboard. This card does not require a network connection to connect to the network and can be connected via USB or wirelessly. There are two types, wireless and USB. The wireless card doesn’t require a network cable but needs to be installed in the motherboard but the USB one needs to install in the USB port which then allows the computer to connect to the network via the USB.

Components of a Network Interface Card


The NIC has an Mbps speedometer that shows the speed of the card when it is connected to a computer network with sufficient bandwidth. If the NIC bandwidth is low, connecting to computers with different speeds or networks will slow down.


A driver is software installed on a computer that allows a computer-aided system to transfer data to a NIC. This software must be downloaded to your computer when you install the NIC. The driver must be expensive and unregistered for the NIC to work properly.

Connected led

NIC recently introduced a built-in LED or integrated LED display that tells the user if a computer is connected to a network and if data is being transferred. These LEDs connect to a USB NIC, which connected to your computer's USB port to indicate a connection.


A router is a device that connects your computer to a network. Routers allow your computer to connect to other computers and devices. The computer must first connect to the router signal. The router then allows your computer to connect to the Internet.


Network interfaces are devices that are installed on your computer or that need to be installed externally. Allows the computer to connect to a network that has access to the network. These devices are installed on your computer's motherboard to help users boot the network properly.