What is Spam Score and How to Reduce Spam Score

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Techwhom.com Blog. Today we are going to learn what is spam score and if our domain spam score is high then how do we reduce it?

What is a Scam Score?

What is Spam Score Rating: Spam Score rating is a type of digital rating system. This allows you to estimate the spam value for any domain. Spam data is very important in SEO. Spam evaluation data is provided by Moz.

According to MOZ SEO data, Spam ratings fall into three categories: 0-4, 5-7, 8-17. Moz published a section in 2015 containing data on spam. It also estimates the number of spam as a percentage.
  • If your domain or website has a spam rate of 0-4, the location is safe in the green zone.
  • If the spam rate in your domain is 5-7, your domain will be adversely affected in the yellow zone.
  • However, if your spam score is 8-17, it's very dangerous. In addition, Google and other search engines may penalize your domain.

How Spam Score increase?

Why is the spam score get high? People have different opinions on this issue. You usually create a backlink to post your blog. And many of these new bloggers are starting to link to their website without discrimination.

And in such cases, the new blogger makes the biggest mistake. Generate backlinks from other spam sites to generate backlinks. And spam from this site is starting to come to your site. This is because your domain or website contains a high level of spam.

How can I find the spam score on my website?

So now we are going to learn that how to check the spam score of our domain or website? Now many of you are thinking that what's my spam score So here's the easiest way to find out more about spam score.
  • To see the details of spam, you need to access the Spam Results Tool.
  • Next, you need to enter the domain name or URL of the web page in the first field.
  • Then you need to make sure this is not a robot and press the checkbox.
  • Next, you'll see the DA and PA and spam score ratings as SS for the domain or website link you fill.

How can I reduce my spam Score?

I think now you all understand that what is spam score and how its created. But the main question that comes to our mind that how to reduce the spam score rating of our domain or website link.

To reduce the spam score of our website the first thing we have to do is to find spam backlinks, so how we find spam backlinks? you can use SEO Tool such as Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush to get your spam backlinks, In my suggestion, you should use Moz to find your spam backlink.

After getting your all spam backlinks of your domain or website link, save them in a TXT file format after that there is an online tool from google know as Google Disavow Link.

At last, Submit your spam backlink TXT file in Google Disavow Tool, now this tool will remove all spam backlinks from your domain or website, then your website or domain backlink will automatically decrease.

What's wrong with high spam ratings?

Consequences Of High Spam Score - If your domain name or website contains a high spam score. And now you are thinking that what's going to happen to my website now. Let me inform you if your website or domain spam score is too high then google can Penalize your website until your spam score decreases.

So I suggest you read this article very carefully and manage your spam score before it gets high.


I think you all guys finally understand that what is spam score And how to reduce spam score? I hope this article helps you. Please comment below and let us know if you have any problems. Please comment below. This article should also be shared.