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What is Disqus ?

what is Disqus ?
Does anyone know about Disqus throwing? If you don't know, you should start by learning more about Disqus. Here we discuss more information about the Disqus.

Definition of Disqus

Disqus is a web-based commenting service that can be used on various popular websites such as WordPress blogs, Blogspot, Tumblr, and even major websites such as CNN.com, and integrates with Disqus. Supports user communication services. Website. You can connect to various content management systems such as Disqus, Joomla, Drupal, Square Pace, Iola Site, DokuWiki, Chimp, and more.

With Disqus, you can provide feedback from blog users, so Disqus could be another solution that provides feedback from your blog feedback system. Disqus can link directly to various websites on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. When you connect to your Disqus and social media accounts, the comments generated by Disqus automatically appear in your online account.

History of Disqus throwing

Founded in 2007, Disqus is supported by San Francisco Union Square Ventures and I Combinator investors. A year later, Disqus is used by over 150,000 registered users and 17,000 active users, including blogs and popular websites. The latest data for August 2010. Disqus users have declined significantly, with over 13 million registered users and over 500,000 members on blogs and websites.

Disqus Pioneer and its CEOS are Daniel Ha and Jason Yan as Disqus Pioneer and CTO, Social Development Director Gianni Calvert and his assistant Ro Gupta. They believe that more people will communicate online, such as WordPress and the Blogspot plugin, so they want to connect to various websites from here to facilitate more comprehensive communication. ..

Discussion of strengths and weaknesses

Given the benefits of using the Disqus plugin, what are the benefits, benefits, and risks of Disqus comments?

Disqus Advantages

1. Be positive

Appearance! The appearance is that Disqus reviews are so simple and attractive that they are popular with many readers, so you can relax your visitors and encourage them to comment on your website's pages.

2. Connect to social media network

Using Comments Disqus can use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to comment without the hassle of subscribing. Alternatively, if you already have a Disqus account, you can connect directly.

3. Real-time view

With Disqus, comments are displayed immediately without reloading the page. Similarly, if other visitors are commenting, you'll immediately see a notification of the latest ideas without reloading the page. If you're using Blogspot or WordPress, you'll be prompted to download the page again. ..

4. Import comments

This is also a highly desirable option for bloggers as Disqus can be imported from other contributors such as WordPress, Blogspot, Travel Type, and comments from other planets using the WXR XML data format. Bloggers are prompted to change the default comment system externally. This will cause the old comments to be lost, but you can view all the old comments again after using Disqus.

5. Excellent security system

You don't have to worry about Disqus' security system, as Disqus has its own way of detecting unwanted attacks and has general support for flagging inconsistent responses, but someone comments on Disqus. Does not require a CAPTCHA that makes it difficult.

6. HTML support

Disqus also supports HTML tags such as code, pre, a, sup, strong, and em.
Knowing all the advantages of Disqus, I will try to find the shortcomings in the comments of Disqus.

Disk weakness

1. Websites and blogs are slow

After connecting to Disqus, some users complain that the blog runs slowly because of this they have to stop Disqus from the blog in order to use the blog normally, but this is excellent that Disqus originally has. I don't think it's a service. Also, I don't think it slows down my website or blog.

Do we here understand what Disqus is? What is the history of Disqus throwing? And we hope that the strengths and weaknesses of Disqus will help us all.