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How to Rank Post on the Google First Page?

How to Rank Post on the Google First Page?

Why doesn't my post reach Google's first page?

That was my question when I start blogging that why not all my blog posts always appear on the first page of the Google search engine. Getting on page one increases the number of visitors to my blog that's why it's important.

But this used to happen earlier, but now I do not have any problem like this, now my every blog post I do, they all come on the first page of Google search easily, which make it easier to find my blog on the Google search engine that's why I always give my effort to my blog and it's help my blog to appear on Google's first list.

So why are blogs so hard to find that they don't appear on the first page of a search engine like Google?

How to Rank Post on the Google First Page?

After I compared it, I find some serious issues that we all always miss, that's why our blog doesn't come on the first page of the Google search engine. Now I give more effort to my every post more than before, so my posts rank in the Google search engine.

And now I understand everything very carefully, it turns out that these are the factors that caused my previous blog posts do not appear on the top Google search engines, so now I am going to mention all my flows, that I didn't do, but I highly recommend you all if you want your post to rank in the Google search engine then follow all instructions. Given below :

1. Search for keywords

The purpose of the research keyword is to determine which keywords are valuable and which are not. As a result, I haven't researched keywords in the past, so my blog was never rank on the first page of the Google search engine.

But these days, I'm always researching for keywords before creating a good blog with quality keywords.

2. Use keywords in your blog title or content.

I think using keywords in our blog title or content is really important, for beginners and also for old bloggers, to rank their post on the first page of the google search engine.

I've been using this technique all this time, putting keywords in every topic and blog post so that every blog post always appears on Google's search first page.

3. The title of the blog post is wrong or not very interesting

At the time, I always titled my blog posts as I like, but my actions turned out to be a fatal mistake. The title must v attractive and interesting, or use words that force viewers to click on the post.

4. No blog posts

The blog I posted earlier turned out to be incomplete, so my article couldn't compete with other bloggers' blogs with full content and full details.

Therefore, blog posts whose content is complete and can provide complete information are listed on the first page of Google. So I'm now trying to make my blog as complete and informative as possible.

5. Enter without adding a photo, video, or accompanying photo

Adding images, videos, or images (if needed) related to your blog's content can help improve your blog by making it easier to get more clicks because your blog is now complete.

Unlike the previous case, the content of my blog is written in textual format, which makes it difficult for engineers to consider this information as incorrect and that's why I consider to include image to my every post so they gets first page on the Google search engine.

6. Update small photos and videos

It was fatal that I couldn't improve the photos and videos I found on my blog. The search engine had a hard time finding my blog.

We are currently updating each image or video on our blog more accurately and accurately to improve the status of our blog posting on the first page of our search site.

7. They are often asked to promote their blog posts.

I was the lazy person to introduce my blog posts. The difference is that every time you create a new blog post, we only recommend that blog post.

The method I use is to share it with one of the accounts on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. If anyone sees and reads the content of my blog post and finds it useful knowledge, feel free to share the post. again. Blogs can be placed on social media accounts.

And since it generates backlinks, such good backlinks are an important point for engineers like Google to check the value of blog posts. The better the feedback from your blog, the more likely it will be placed on the first page of your search engine.

This is my experience of blogging from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., which can load the engineer's first page.